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The awareness of people is the most essential within your organization.


Employee consciousness is the essence of your organization.  A creative, vital & positive organization has the power to attract.  In the workplace, new tensions are arising, due to societal changes & the continued impact of technological advancements. Energy leaks within organizations are causing greater frequency of burnouts and depression. The ability to manage & guide individual employees effectively is a must. In order to achieve company goals, it is essential to attract, keep & find the full potential of each individual employee for the tasks at hand.


By exposing your workforce to The Alignment Technique (TAT), individual employees will discover new strengths.  Whereby, the newly adopted practices will maximize their potential.

  • Using Do-It–Yourself tools
  • When applied to any circumstance, these tools will have an immediate effect on your organization.
  • Benefits to your organization and employees will be directly & positively felt.

The possibilities are endless! Solutions can be uniquely calibrated to your organizations requirements.

Options available are as follows:

  • Energy Boost
  • Creativity
  • Free of Thinking
  • Trust
  • Focus

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Location can be determined by consultation. We will soon be building our own training center: Mind Emptiness Center. Amsterdam area.

We look forward to connecting with you, to make this happen.