Empowered himself and the bullies no longer found him attractive.

Alexander was a sensitive and aware boy who was 10 years old. One day he told his mother that he had decided he would no longer go to school because he was sick and tired of being bullied. A few days later, when he saw his mother doing The Alignment Technique, he chose one of the Moves for himself, Move 13.

He did it in the car on the way to school. Although it takes about 30 seconds for each of the two parts of the Move, he enjoyed doing the Move so much he did it 5-10 minutes each day on the way to school.

Part 1: Take five seconds to stimulate your inner strength, another five seconds for more space for yourself in your heart.

Part 2: More space for yourself in your heart, connected with your inner strength.

Within about 10 days, he was no longer being bullied. The bullies were no longer attracted to him because he was developing an inner strength and self-confidence, and a deep connection between his heart and his power. He brings himself into alignment each time.

Applied from The Alignment Technique – Move 13. Known as Quickie: Remove negativity and become self-confident.