Was afraid to give a presentation for a large group, now she is a Speaker Extraordinaire.

Melinda, a client of mine from America, is a “Transformational Leader.” During her presentations she inspires people to feel their passion and guides them through a process to discover their life purpose.

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Empowered himself and the bullies no longer found him attractive.

Alexander was a sensitive and aware boy who was 10 years old. One day he told his mother that he had decided he would no longer go to school because he was sick and tired of being bullied. A few days later, when he saw his mother doing The Alignment Technique, he chose one of the Moves for himself, Move 13.

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Creating Inner Success

Thomas had all the signs of outer success, yet had no feeling of “inner success” and was very unhappy. Thomas is a successful entrepreneur who came into my one-on-one mentoring program. He said that although he was very successful in business and had everything he thought would make him happy, he realized that that was not the case. He had outer success, yet had no feeling of “inner success.” Thomas said he was very unhappy because he did not feel fulfilled.

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