Do you want to optimally take in The Alignment Technique, be guided by experts and meet other Movers? Then take part in one of our courses. We offer a wide range. Choose a course that suits you!

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T.A.T. Meet your self

Get acquainted with The Alignment Technique! In this training we guide you through the 21 Moves with the aim that you can exert influence on your desired state of being. You are going to experience the potential within yourself and around you this day.

T.A.T. Live your day!

Start your day with The Alignment Technique. It is possible to start the day in a desired consciousness. You can influence that yourself. We show you how to do that.

T.A.T. Live your potential!

Would you like a certified The Alignment Technique expert to put together a program specially tailored for you? Then 'T.A.T. Live your potential!' is what you are looking for!

Company Training: TAT Company Participation

By introducing your organization to "The Alignment Technique", a new strength arises from the individual employee, so that the available potential can be used to the maximum. Come experience it.

The Alignment Technique for teachers and students

Multitasking, choice stress and social media cause increasing time pressure on students and teachers. That takes its toll. The Alignment Technique teaches them to handle the increasing flow of information in a new way.

Entrepreneurs and Leaders Program The Alignment Technique

Future leadership requires new insights and different functioning. Curious? Get inspired.