T.A.T.: Meet your self



Consider two worlds coexisting.  In one world, technological advancements are transpiring at an astronomical speed.  Individuals are continuously being bombarded with an overflow of information.  In the other world, a deeper connection with yourself and your daily life is taking place.

Is it possible to integrate these two worlds, to actually create the best of both worlds and enjoy life to the fullest? 

The infinite potential inside you and around you is accessible by using TAT.  You achieve greater consciousness by using “MOVES” and “QUICKIES” from the TAT. 

Using these Do-It-Yourself techniques you can:

Experience the abundance of possibilities in all areas of your life.

Open your life to new clarity, confidence & creativity.

Enjoy the synchronicity & coincidental experiences taking place in your life.

The intention of the TAT course is to provide the available techniques to positively influence your desired state of being.  You will recognize this experience, through the potential within yourself and around you.


10:00 Introduction

10:30 Start TAT explained & Initial Introduction to the “MOVES

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Make Your Move – Practice the 21 “MOVES

17:00 Closing


Euro 333,– per person excl.BTW  (Lunch, Coffee & Tea included)


Location can be determined by consultation. We will soon be building our own training center: Mind Emptiness Center. Amsterdam area.