Was afraid to give a presentation for a large group, now she is a Speaker Extraordinaire.

Melinda, a client of mine from America, is a “Transformational Leader.” During her presentations she inspires people to feel their passion and guides them through a process to discover their life purpose.

Melinda was moving toward reaching larger groups of people worldwide, yet was feeling somewhat anxious about taking the next step. As a speaker, she was expanding her reach to a thousand people, after several years of speaking to audiences of around five hundred or so.

Before she went on stage, she began using Move 1 of The Alignment Technique to come into her body, become totally present and in the moment. This took about 30 seconds although she enjoyed doing it longer. She was no longer in the future or in the past, therefore the anxiety she felt was now gone.

A big surprise happened to me when I saw her on stage. With her left hand, she was doing Move 1 during her entire presentation. With her fingers spread wide apart, her energy was expanding, (and continued to expand) throughout her presentation. She was relaxed and spontaneous. As a result she receives incredible feedback about how dynamic she is and how contagious her passion is for the attendees. People love her clarity, spontaneity, and humor. She is thoroughly enjoying connecting with people in a very authentic and fulfilling way … all the time while her left hand is doing Move 1!

Applied from The Alignment Technique – Move 1.