Multitasking, decision-making, stress & social media concerns are creating increased pressure for students & teachers.  The consequences being that in much less time, much more must be accomplished.  A toll is being felt.  Everyday, adults & children are spending on average 8 hours & 45 minutes using a screen.  Our ability to remain focused and stay concentrated is quickly diminishing.

A growing number of students & teachers are continuously busy in their minds.  They are ignoring their bodies.  Freedom & flexibility are a utopia in their daily lives.  Everyday, adults are using some kind of screen for close to 9 hours and therefore, experience having less & less time for yourself & others.

Today, this applies as well to education.  Our team has a dream:  that children in a healthy & relaxed manner are capable of handling today’s challenges.  By using new technologies in conjunction with taking advantage of the unlimited possibilities The Alignment Technique (TAT) offer.

Ultimately, teachers can better support their students, to use not only their minds but listen to their bodies.  In minutes, our practical short exercises “MOVES” & “QUICKIES” offer immediate impact, to circumstances taking place in lives.  Our experience shows that children, pickup easily & intuitively, the “MOVES” & “QUICKIES” from The Alignment Technique (TAT).  Children quickly recognize which“MOVES” & “QUICKIES”, work best for themselves.

The Alignment Technique (TAT) is an open system that develops dynamically, while people practice itIn this way, positive affects are experienced through mutual trust. Victims of bullying or harassment are helped through use of The Alignment Technique (TAT).  When practiced together, the “MOVES” potential help create new approaches.  By using The Alignment Technique (TAT) a greater level of consciousness develops between teachers & students, creating more opportunity for collaboration.  Both teachers & students become aware of the others potential, as they use of The Alignment Technique (TAT).


Teachers learn The Alignment Technique (TAT) & how to apply best practices.

Class Sessions with students & teachers:

School Session:

Student: Individual Anti Bully training

Teacher:  Individual training enhancing class management & stimulating natural group dynamics

Customized training: Endless possibilities to find the right solutions

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