Creating Inner Success

Thomas had all the signs of outer success, yet had no feeling of “inner success” and was very unhappy. Thomas is a successful entrepreneur who came into my one-on-one mentoring program. He said that although he was very successful in business and had everything he thought would make him happy, he realized that that was not the case. He had outer success, yet had no feeling of “inner success.” Thomas said he was very unhappy because he did not feel fulfilled.

He was working very hard and realized that he was living in his head. Therefore he had very little connection with his body.

I made a special program for Thomas, consisting of 5 Moves from The Alignment Technique™ that took him about 10-15 minutes a day to do. He started doing the Moves each morning and very much enjoyed feeling a renewed connection with his heart and his body.

After a few days, he remembered being very intuitive as a child. One of his favorite games, which he now recognized as an intuitive game, stimulated and developed his intuition. For example, when he was in his family car, before the car stopped at the stoplight he would say: “The color of the car that will pull up next to us at the next stop light is … “  He loved this intuitive game.  Then, at about 16-years-old, he stopped playing those games because he had decided “That it was time to become a man.”

Thirty years later, Thomas was now feeling connected with his intuition again by being in his heart center.

Thomas has made these 5 Moves of The Alignment Technique™ part of his daily life, in a morning practice. He told me that more and more often, he is living from his heart, guided first by his intuition and then later by heart and head.

He now talks about how amazed he is with available flow of life force energy in his life, the connections he feels, and the synchronicity in his life when he is in alignment. Thomas told me that he now feels very happy and fulfilled, with joy in his heart and a very warm feeling of “inner success.”

His business is thriving and he is even more successful than ever before. For him, since practicing The Alignment Technique™, it is as if time moves more slowly and he accomplishes more each day.

Thomas told me that he loves doing the 5 Moves each morning, “plus dessert.” Of course, I was curious what he meant when he added the dessert comment. He explained: “After the Moves, I do part of Move 20. I place my hands on my heart center, and say out loud: “I am in alignment with all that I am, I am in alignment with all that is, I am in alignment with all that I am becoming!”

Thomas is feeling full of joy now that he experiences both inner and outer success.

Applied from The Alignment Technique – Move 1, Move 16, Move 2, Move 12 and Move 9.

Client added dessert – Part of Move 20: I am in alignment …