Welcome to the world of The Alignment Technique

Imagine that the rapid development of technological possibilities, increasing amount of information and your connection with yourself, with your Being, could be integrated at maximum levels into your daily life.

How would you experience this? And is it possible? Can you combine both and enjoy them fully? 

The Situation

We receive more and more impulses and possibilities/choices offered to us and more abundantly than ever before. We are increasingly surrounded by sounds of cell phones buzzing that connect us with information we either wish (or don’t want) and are bombarded with notices that randomly reach us. We seem to be in several places at the same time, with the result that we find ourselves living mainly in our head.

When was the last time you felt full of energy, creativity and inspiration? By living in a digital and traditional world simultaneously.

One thing is certain: access to the amount of information we receive is increasing.

The question is: how do we still stay in contact with ourselves and our environment from the moment, and how do we deal with switching gears from one dynamic to another?  In short, are you still living or are you being lived? Can you still process this fantastic explosion of information in a natural way?

Is it possible to absorb and integrate this amount of information freely into your life and in your own way?

The Alignment Technique is an opportunity, in this fascinating time, to play with these possibilities and to make full use of them. It is a natural technique offered as an answer to technological developments in society and their impact on human functioning. It gives us the opportunity to integrate these developments and our connection with ourselves, with our Being, in present time, in a way that suits us. This technique brings us in contact with our total self, with Mother Earth, with social developments and the universe. The Alignment Technique is a technique, a way of being, which works as a new type of initiation process where we align with life in all its aspects.