Rik has been busy in the business world, nationally and internationally. In a whole new way, he aims to harmonize people, organizations, and environment in a holistic way, thereby changing the consciousness of the directors of these organizations and their behavior toward the rest of their employees. It is not a fixed program and always a unique path is traveled, whereby the owner/s of the organizations determines the path of her or his development. Our work is conducted on both the national and international level.

It fascinates Rik to wonder what is reality? Is it the visible world or the invisible one, or a combination of both, and do we experience both worlds consciously? Can technology bring insight into the visible and invisible world? This is about everything you see and everything you do not see.
First and foremost, he wondered how one could move freely in that quest and in their life. The Alignment Technique™ is a viable option, and for Rik provides an opening to discover more consciousness for everyone in his or her own way. He enjoys the fact that The Alignment Technique is now accessible to everyone, without any barriers, and hopes that many will discover this to be true. It makes Rik happy that he can share this with a large audience.

Rik van der Want is happily married and the father of three beautiful children.